Canna Cannova Orange Shades

This cultivar in the Cannova series produces orange-tinged flowers.

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Cannas from the CannaSol™ series

This series was introduced to Europe in 2013 and has enjoyed great popularity ever since. The development of the cannas in this series, grown from seed, required more than ten years of hybridization work in the Netherlands by Takii Europe B.V. As these cannas were developed in cool regions, they are much more tolerant of cooler summers. After careful selection in trial gardens, shades of red, pink and yellow are now available on the horticultural markets. The cultivars are vigorous and well-branched, which translates into sumptuous flowering. They bloom 10 days earlier than other cannas grown from seed. Plants reach heights of 75 to 120 cm (30 to 48 in.). These cannas have what it takes to become stars in gardens the world over.