Canna ‘South Pacific Rose’

The beautiful pink blossom of this canna adds a delicate touch of femininity to the garden atmosphere. It’s a lovely alternative to bright colors, and goes very well with greenery. As white is pink’s natural ally, don’t hesitate to plant a white-flowered canna nearby. So it’s up to you to take advantage of ‘South Pacific Rose”s unlimited potential and have fun creating romance in your garden and container arrangements.


Japanese hybridizer Takii’s South Pacific series has once again been awarded an All-America Selections award for 2018 with the selection ‘South Pacific Orange’, having earned the honor in 2013 with the cultivar ‘South Pacific Scarlet’. Two other cultivars are available in the series, ‘South Pacific Rose’ and ‘South Pacific Ivory’. They range in height from 70 to 80 cm. The South Pacific series is superior to the Tropical series.