DECO-Style® offers classic, elegant, trendy and bold plants that have created a veritable exotic revolution since 2008.

DECO-Style® is about passion and difference, bringing you imagination and dreams to create outdoor and indoor ambience.

In 2023/2024, we’ll continue to offer you a range of winning plants, enhanced by new additions from our perpetual quest for new selections that can meet the needs of your decorating projects, as pretty as they are unusual. Our choices are always based on winning criteria such as opulent foliage, architectural ports and colorful blooms adapted to our environment.

Since we’re convinced that exoticism is increasingly making its way into interior design, to add aesthetic notes and purifying, balancing functions, we’ve grouped together those that may be suitable for the home. To offer a branded DECO-Style® assortment, we have expanded this range with new plants carefully chosen for their beauty and ease of cultivation.

For the past 13 years, DECO-Style® has been offering a distinctive range of plants that now includes more than 250 selections, some of which have never been imagined before.

Gradually, our products diversified and our customer base expanded, along with our network of contacts and our know-how. For each species, we seek out the best selections for our regions.

So we’re ready to meet the needs of the next few years, which many experts are already describing as the new Golden Age of ornamental and food horticulture.

Here’s a first. No, it’s actually our 2020-21 Preview Guide.

Researching new plants and proposing new uses is a long-term project.

Finalizing partnership and distribution agreements doesn’t always happen on time. This is why the final editing of our annual DECO-Style® Guide has been delayed. But we couldn’t leave our loyal customers without news, so we decided to produce this GUIDE Avant-Première for the annual EXPO-Fihoq event.

The complete 2020-21 Guide will follow a little later and will be sent directly to our customers.

Publishing an annual plant guide is a bit like giving a rock concert. The audience is eager to see what’s new. But at the same time, audiences expect the rock band to play their old hits, classics and greatest hits.

Dear customers,

DECO-Style®: the 2nd decade.

One of the main foundations of the DECO-Style® brand is to make available to as many people as possible interesting plants that are difficult to find, propagate and/or produce. It’s true that it can get excessive from time to time, but you can’t deny your individual temperament!

To achieve this, there are certain principles that we implicitly uphold:

  • Botanical knowledge of plants
  • Sourcing from safe sources as close as possible to the source of origin
  • Continuous improvement of cultivation, production and shipping processes and systems
  • Respect for employees and the environment
  • Respect for agreements, contracts and intellectual property.

All our success is due to the support and loyalty of our customers. THANK YOU!

Towards the future,

N.B. The horticultural novelties market is a bit of a rollercoaster!
We make every effort to ensure the availability of DECO-Style® products.
Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, this is not always possible.