Xanthosoma sagittifolium ‘Lime Zinger’

The xantosome with sagittate leaves (arrowhead-shaped leaves) is native to the Amazon basin. At first glance, xanthosoma sagittata or macabo is almost similar to the edible colocase or taro.

Firstly, it’s their size that differentiates them: macabos are more developed than colocases. Xanthosomes also have larger tubercles than colocases. Another difference: xantosome leaves are sagittate, while colocase leaves are peltate.

Finally, the genus is of American origin, while the genus is of Asian origin. Alocases are also closely related to xanthonomas and colocases.

The cultivar ‘Lime Zinger’ stands out in ornamental cultivation with its chartreuse foliage. Just one word to describe the merits of these decorative leaves: luminous! luminous! luminous! The sturdy petioles bearing its remarkable leaves are longer than the leaves themselves. These heart-shaped flowers can measure up to 45 cm in length.

This xanthosome with its golden foliage can be grown in sun or shade, where it retains its color, in moist, well-drained, fertile soil. If well fed, its growth rate is rapid, especially in warm weather. This luminous plant can reach 60 to 80 cm in height and 60 to 75 cm in width. A lack of water tends to stunt plant growth and burn leaf margins.

Excellence among golden-yellow foliage.