Canna ‘Ebony Patra’

Over the last few years, DECO-Style® has established a selection program based on mutants identified in the propagation of its plants by sowing, cuttings or in vitro culture. Among the “non-conforming” plants
a few specimens with interesting, surprising and stable variations were included in its marketing: Breynia disticha ‘Roseo-picta’ and Pilea microphylla ‘Mountain Snow’.

In 2015, a reddish variation from a batch of the highly variable canna ‘Cleopatra’ proved particularly vigorous. Its paddle-shaped foliage was strongly unfurled and its leaves were well clear of the stem, almost horizontal. Its very dark leaves were burgundy-brown shaded with purplish-green. The flowers were large, flamboyant and brightly colored orange-red. The flowers are larger than those of ‘Cleopatra’. This large canna can reach heights of 1.3 to 1.5 m (4 to 5 ft.).