Canna ‘Lemon Punch’

Canna ‘Lemon Punch’ offers the same floribundity as its predecessor ‘Orange Punch’, with curved lemon-yellow flowers lightly dusted with orange. Flowering is self-cleaning. Compact in form, this canna can reach heights of 90 to 100 cm and widths of 60 to 75 cm in good growing conditions. A forerunner in the world of yellow-flowered cannas. A plant sun … a champion.

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Brian Williams of Brian’s Botanicals, a lover of tropical plants and a renowned hybridizer, has introduced cannas in a series he calls Punch. These cannas are compact, making them ideal for today’s gardens and container arrangements. They have a long blooming period and very colorful flowers, offering us a cocktail of exotic colors. They are easy to grow and the flowers are self-cleaning.