Ipomoea batatas serie Treasure Island

Sweet potatoes

In any case, DECO-Style® has the pleasure of offering you since 2020 sweet potatoes grouped under the name of the Treasure Island series with cultivar names evoking French Polynesia: ‘Kaukura’, ‘Makatea’, ‘Manihi’ , ‘Tahiti’ and ‘Tatakoto’. Unlike other sweet potatoes or ipomée with decorative foliage, its tubers are edible.

They contain antioxidants, are rich in vitamins B6 and C and are a good source of potassium. These sweet potatoes can therefore be cultivated as much for their ornamental quality as for their food and medicinal values. We therefore invite you to discover the treasures that we have discovered through a program which will show you all the tastes and all the colors, for your balcony, your pergola,
your flowerbed or vegetable garden. From decoration to cooking…