Clematis ‘Taiga’

Plantarium 2016: Silver Medal and Press Award.

Of medium size, the very double and particularly attractive flower of this clematis, like no other, measures 6 to 10 cm in diameter and opens from a greenish floral bud. Smaller petals in shades of violet, green and purplish-blue form a stunning bouquet in the center of the flower, a true work of art. This contrasts beautifully with the six larger petals that appear at the start of flowering, forming a collar that remains mauve throughout. The design of this refined flower is reminiscent of a cactus dahlia.

This clematis blooms in mid-June. In a single season, this climbing plant with its voluble stems can reach 1 to 1.2 m in height and 50 to 60 cm in width. Modest in stature, but fast-growing. It’s perfect for growing in containers or in the ground. Finally, it’s easy to grow: we recommend not pruning during the dormant season, as it often grows back on old wood.: this clematis is hardy up to zone 3. A revelation …

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