Canna ‘Deluxe Flirtini’

Canna ‘DeLuxe Flirtini’ is part of a series that originated in South Africa. It’s worth growing as much for its beautiful purple-bronze foliage as for its elegant pink flowers, which measure 10 cm in diameter. A unique combination in the world of cannas. The flowers are bright and the vegetation compact. This canna can reach 70-80 cm in height and 40-50 cm in width. Demands: this canna requires a lot of heat to perform well. Unique for small spaces and containers. Excellent focal point.

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De Luxe cannas

De Luxe cannas are part of a new series that we offer exclusively. It comes from a horticultural group in South Africa, which specializes in developing new, superior genetics for their national and international markets. It brings together dwarf and compact selections featuring a range of vibrant colors and different foliage shapes. The plant, with its narrow, tapering leaves, is well-branched and dense. Because of their small size, these cannas can be used at the edge of flowerbeds or in a restricted area. They can also add value to container arrangements. Their compact habit also makes them easy to transport.