Asparagus densiflorus ‘Myers’

RHS Garden of Merit Award 1993

Myers dense-flowered asparagus, Myers bushy asparagus, Myers asparagus, ‘Myers’ fern asparagus

The pale-green, cat-tail-shaped shoots of this ornamental asparagus resemble ferns. The plant’s habit is rigid and upright. Its foliage, made up of fine, flattened needles, is bushy. In fact, the species name, , refers to its dense foliage. Tiny white flowers appear in early summer, followed by small red berries. The slow-growing plant forms a mound that can reach 25 to 30 cm in height and spread. It is fairly heat-tolerant. This cultivar has several names in horticultural literature: ‘Meyeri’, ‘Meyers’, ‘Myers’ and ‘Myersii’.