Alstroemeria Little Miss Zoe® ‘Zoe’

This alstroemeria cultivar is a dwarf selection with variable variegation of dark green, soft green and predominantly lime. The lime-green leaves turn white on the flowering stem. The plant of this cool-loving alstroemeria forms a small, compact dome, and its variegated texture is reminiscent of a miniature hosta.

Its rhizomatous root system is very aggressive. From late spring to October, Little Miss Zoe® produces flowers with six reddish-orange petals, three of which are speckled with black and two of which have golden-yellow centers. The spring bloom is slightly repeated, with a peak in autumn. The contrast between the color of the flowers and the hue of its foliage is very attractive: a single flower is enough to enliven its variegations. This selection is hardy and easy to grow, especially if given deep, fertile, well-drained soil, in full sun to part shade. It gives an original, decorative touch throughout the summer, in containers or in the ground. The plant can reach 20 cm in height and 25 cm in width.

The little Rock ‘n’ Roll® companion. Very popular!

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