Alocasia ‘Kuching Mask’

A few years ago, on an expedition to Borneo, renowned exotic plant collector and hybridizer Brian Williams visited the Malaysian town of Kuching. In the Malay dialect, the town’s name means “cat”. So, when he selected one of his hybridizations and noticed that its deeply lobed, glazed leaves resembled “cat’s ears”, he decided to name it after the city he had loved so much.

The truly spectacular dark green leaves of ‘Kuching Mask’ are accented by white veins, giving it an original look. The underside of the leaves is colored dark brown and gray, with pale green veins. The petioles are striped with dark gray and pink. This rather unusual variety reaches 80 to 100 cm in height at maturity. However, its spread varies between 70 and 90 cm.
An easy-to-grow selection.

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