GRIS Power!

The gardener uses flowers and leaves as brushes to compose his horticultural picture. While blooms show color for a short time, foliage adds color and texture throughout the summer.

To this end, shades of gray are colorations that add brilliance, purity, elegance, romance and softness. Gray reflects warmth and blends into flowerbeds. It also adds a welcome touch of lightness through the green hues of the other ever-present foliage.

Since grey is a neutral color, it is very useful for creating associations and links without altering the other colors with which it will be associated. Plants with silver foliage are good friends to most flowering plants. They go well with neutral colors like white, cream or black.

What’s more, these plants enhance warm colors such as orange, red and yellow. Gray is unrivalled in its ability to temper garish, aggressive colors, while at the same time enhancing them. Silver foliage enhances cool tones and pastel colors like pink, mauve, lavender and blue. They can even create divine contrasts.

For some gardeners, there’s never enough money in the yard. For them, gray is essential, because it makes all the difference.

We invite you to put money in your garden!

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