DECO-Style, 10 years already

2018 will mark the tenth anniversary of the DECO-Style® adventure, a specialized and diversified niche focusing primarily on the wider use of elegant, bold, classic or trendy exotic plants in outdoor landscaping.

The beginning of the adventure was driven by the audacity and probably the temerity of its founder to offer a new refined horticultural experience. The team that followed him in his early years still remembers the moments of great intensity and excitement of those years. As the market was small, the stakes were high. Fortunately, the idea appealed to consumers, which has kept the company going all these years. What’s more, a combination of factors contributed to our success.

The Les Exceptionnelles® competition has certainly been a major asset for DECO-Style®, which has shaken up decorating methods year after year, award after award. For DECO-Style®, these awards were the consecration of the continuous work of the entire production team, of the people involved in marketing, and of the public’s appreciation of this specialized product offering. This has enabled us to gain recognition from our peers, both nationally and internationally, as well as being an excellent marketing tool for the brand.

Slowly but surely, a truly international network has been built up, linking people and companies who enjoy privileged contacts with certain hybridizers and in vitro culture laboratories.

The development of new ornamental plants is a fascinating sector, both mysterious and secretive, which can bring great joy, but also, unfortunately, great disappointment.

It was patience, persistence and good will that turned initial contacts into lasting business links. DECO-Style® has become very active in acquiring new products. In this respect, plants such as ‘Prince’ purple millet, ‘Little Tut’ papyrus and, more recently, ‘Cleopatra’ canna, were the differentiating factors that enabled the DECO-Style® brand to gain a distinctive and unique place in the market.

Finally, the partnership with our customers has been built over the last ten years on the quality of our products and a relationship of trust, enabling us to sell more plants to as many people as possible. Every success depends on the support and loyalty of our customers.